Tax advice

Tax advice

We help you to save money.


Stefan Vollenweider

Stephan Vollenweider

lic. oec. HSG,
Swiss Certified Accountant
+41 41 228 11 64

Franz Peter Bissig

Franz-Peter Bissig

lic. oec. et lic. iur.,
Tax Expert with Advanced
Federal Diploma
+41 41 228 11 84

Stefan Wigger

MLaw, Tax Expert with
Advanced Federal Diploma
CAS UZH in International Tax Law
+41 41 228 12 20

Marco Frappa

Marco Frappa

Business Economist FH,
Tax Expert with Advanced Federal Diploma,
+41 41 228 11 48

Lukas Vogelbach

BSc in Business Economics ZFH,
Tax Expert with
Advanced Federal Diploma
+41 44 283 80 94

Christian Reinert

Christian Reinert

Swiss Certified Fiduciary
+41 41 228 12 72

Renate Spichtig

Renate Spichtig

Fiduciary with swiss examination,
Specialist in Social Insurance
with Federal certificate
+41 41 228 12 56

Ruth Stadelmann

Ruth Stadelmann

Swiss Certified specialist for
finance and accounting,
Specialist in Social Insurance
with Federal certificate
+41 41 228 12 78

Tax advice.

It is your duty to pay taxes but it is your entrepreneurial responsibility to reduce these taxes. For us, acts, ordinances and directives are familiar tools with which we achieve strategically optimised and sustainable solutions for you.

Our holistic approach shapes our tax advice to a significant degree. Accordingly, we not only optimise the company’s taxes but also those of the entrepreneur. Our tax advisers are qualified experts with a business and legal background.


Tax planning and tax optimisation for entrepreneurs and companies

  • Withdrawal planning for the entrepreneur;
  • Employee shares;
  • Design of financial statements;
  • Restructuring;
  • Special tax regimes;
  • Obtaining tax rulings.

Reorganisation / restructuring of companies, succession arrangements

  • Intra-group restructuring (demergers, mergers and transfers of assets);
  • Internal family/external succession or management buyout;
  • Holding structures;
  • Obtaining tax rulings.

Due diligence and integration of corporate acquisitions

  • Assessment of fiscal risks;
  • Contractual protection;
  • Structuring integrations;
  • Obtaining tax rulings.

Relocations of companies and private individuals

  • Choice of location;
  • Special tax regimes for companies;
  • Withholding tax relief;
  • Lump-sum taxation;
  • Obtaining tax rulings.

Value-added tax and customs duty advice, value-added tax fiscal representation

  • Advice on value-added tax and customs duty-related issues;
  • Clarification regarding foreign sales taxes (involving parters from the international network);
  • Fiscal representation for foreign companies, which are liable for value-added tax in Switzerland.

Inter-cantonal / international tax advice, tax compliance

  • Tax allocations, application of double-taxation treaties;
  • Choice of location;
  • Clarification regarding fiscal connections (including permanent establishments) and options for optimisation abroad (with partners from the international network) and in Switzerland;
  • Employee postings;
  • Swiss tax returns.