We deliver solutions

The requirements for public entities, pension funds and NPOs are becoming increasingly complex. To find the right solutions, it often helps to view these issues from different perspectives. With us by your side, you will come to appreciate the networking of specialist skills cultivated within our company and our many years of experience.

The BVG regulations are becoming increasingly complex. Trust, neutrality, integrity, transparency and technical expertise are of the essence. We can offer all this efficiently and professionally. Auditing and advising pension schemes as well as supporting companies in the area of statutory occupational pension provision (BVG) rank among our core strengths.

Roland Furger
lic. oec., Swiss Certified Public Accountant


Pension schemes

  • Auditing of pension schemes (company-owned pension schemes and collective foundations), charitable foundations, vested benefits foundations, investment foundations
  • Assistance with mergers, transfers of assets, partial liquidations
  • Advice and assistance with planned cancellations or new membership of a collective foundation (autonomy mission)
  • Real estate valuations and support with the purchase/sale of properties, tax appraisal of property sales and preparation of property gains tax statements
  • Introduction and review of internal control systems (ICS)
  • Training courses for foundation board members
  • Provisional administration


  • Evaluation of the optimal pension scheme membership through tender and comparison of bids (costs, risks, opportunities, provider)
  • Risk analysis of the existing pension solution
  • Optimisation and adjustment of pension plans and pension structure

Owners – employees

  • Pension and tax planning for private individuals
  • Pension planning (annuity or lump-sum, wealth planning, family office)
  • Planning for investments after lump-sum withdrawal
  • Tax planning in connection with succession arrangements or material changes in assets