Pension funds / BVG (statutory occupational pension scheme)

Pension funds/BVG
(statutory occupational pension scheme)

We optimise your pension arrangements.


Roland Furger

Roland Furger

lic. oec.,
Swiss Certified Accountant
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Pension funds / BVG (statutory occupational pension scheme).

The BVG regulations are becoming increasingly complex. Trust, neutrality, integrity, transparency and technical expertise are of the essence. We can offer all this to a high degree. Auditing and advising pension schemes as well as supporting companies in the area of statutory occupational pension provision (BVG) rank among our core strengths.


Pension schemes

  • Auditing pension schemes (company-owned pension schemes and collective foundations), charitable foundations, vested benefits foundations, investment foundations;
  • Assistance with mergers, transfers of assets, partial liquidations;
  • Advice and assistance with planned cancellations or new membership of a collective foundation (autonomy mission);
  • Real estate valuations and support with purchase/sale of properties. Fiscal appraisal of property sales and preparation of property gains tax statements;
  • Introduction and review of internal control system (ICS);
  • Training courses for foundation board members;
  • Provisional administrations.


  • Evaluation of the optimal pension scheme membership through tender and comparison (costs, risks, opportunities, provider) of bids;
  • Risk analysis of the existing pension solution;
  • Optimisation and adjustment of pension plans and pension structure.

Owner – employees

  • Pension and tax planning for private individuals;
  • Pension planning (annuity or capital, asset planning, family office);
  • Planning asset investment after lump sum withdrawal;
  • Tax planning in connection with succession arrangements or material changes in assets.