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Sparring partner for entrepreneurs

To us, being a sparring partner means dedication.

Our attitude

As an external sparring partner, we have a different perspective and give you valuable feedback. We accompany you and your company as a partner with heart and soul. All for the benefit and for the well-being of you and your company.

What do we mean by sparring partner?

The term “sparring” originally comes from boxing. As a sparring partner, we thus challenge you as an entrepreneur, detached from daily business – sympathetically, constructively and on an equal footing. We tackle topics that are just waiting to be addressed. Together with you, we develop new perspectives and explore new paths.

You use us as a driving force and benefit from our expertise in entrepreneurial, strategic, business-related, tax-related and legal questions.

It’s not about predicting the future, but about being prepared for the future.


BE Themen Team RGB

What can you expect from us as a sparring partner? We are:

  • Innovative, forward-thinking coaches and “life” attendants of the company and the entrepreneur in entrepreneurial, strategic, business-related, tax-related and legal questions.
  • Impulse generator, coordinator, mediator and moderator during company successions, both in the case of internal family successions as well as where an external company sale is concerned.
  • Support of the strategic governing body by serving actively on the board of directors, the foundation board or as a committee member.
  • Support for the entrepreneurs or management in the areas of leadership, employee development and employer branding.
  • Support in the area of digital transformation and digitalisation.

May we help you further?

  • Jeannette Ming-De Pretto

    Ming-De Pretto

    MAS FH in Fiduciary and Management Consulting, Swiss Certified Fiduciary

  • Philipp Dahinden


    Swiss Certified Fiduciary

  • Andrea Küttel


    BSc ZFH in Business Administration, Swiss Certified Fiduciary

  • Donat Schiess


    Master Professional veb.ch in Accounting, Fiduciary with swiss examination

  • Erika Wermelinger


    BScBA University of Bern, Swiss Certified Public Accountant