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Pension & retirement

If you plan early on, you can make the most of the options and choose what you want to do.

Do you believe that a self-determined and economically secure life can make you happy? We do. You have to make a lot of decisions in life. However, decisions in the areas of provisions and retirement are long-ranging and of a long-term nature. Here, it’s good to have a neutral expert at your side, who can provide you with the foundations for informed and independent decisions – bound up with your desires and goals.

Should I draw a pension or withdraw a lump sum or should I rather choose a mixed form? Can I retire gradually? Will my assets last until old age? What happens to my assets in the event of my demise? Is voluntary purchase into the pension fund worthwhile and what should I bear in mind? Am I properly secured as a start-up entrepreneur?

The world of finances has become complex. A large amount of information is available. It can be very challenging to process it. In addition, financial planning topics must be understood in multi-dimensional contexts.

Our advisory services are aimed at entrepreneurs and other private persons who want to make decisions about their pensions or retirement. We focus on the individual situation and the courses of action with regard to coverage in the event of invalidity, death and old age. This aspect also offers fruitful tax optimisation measures.

We see ourselves as an independent partner with a comprehensive, planning view of the whole. Thus topics relating to family and inheritance law issues, property and mortgages or wealth creation are also included in advisory meetings.

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  • Planning and optimisation of pension contributions and benefits
  • Analysis and optimisation of benefits in the areas of old age, invalidity and death of private persons
  • Creation of private pension, financial and retirement plans
  • Tax-optimised withdrawal and purchase planning for the second and third pillar
  • Creation of spending plans
  • Support and assistance for private investments (securities, property, own companies)
  • Estate, will and inheritance planning
  • Advice regarding family structure and beneficial ownership

Financial planning

Planning overview income, expenses, assets and debts.
Objective: Identifying assets development with/without measures.

Pension provision analysis

Overview of services in old age as well as in the event of disability or death.
Objective: Identifying insurance gaps and measures for elimination.

Retirement plan

Planning wealth creation and usage for old age.
Objective: Identifying procedures for optimised retirement (pension, capital, law of succession).

May we help you further?

  • Philipp Dahinden


    Swiss Certified Fiduciary

  • Renate Spichtig


    Fiduciary with swiss examination, Social insurance specialist with swiss examination

  • Christian Reinert


    Swiss Certified Fiduciary

  • Rafael Lucio


    Junior Consultant Corporate Finance