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HR and salary administration

We take care of your employees, one of your most important success factors. We will look after your employees with dedication and understanding so that you and your team can devote yourselves wholeheartedly to your core competences and goals, strengthen your company in the long term and increase competitive ability.

Our experts will support and mentor you, be it in the processing of payroll and year-end accounts, drawing up employment contracts, analysing insurance solutions or drafting employment references. Your entire wage administration is in the right hands with us.

Which areas do HR and salary administration cover?

HR and salary administration covers all administrative tasks (payroll service) from the time when an employee is recruited until they leave. The main task concerns correct and timely data processing to create the monthly payroll.

Human Resources

One important area is recognising the existing employee resources and deploying them correctly. We support you in your HR strategy, the development and requirement planning of your staff as well as in creating key management figures in HR. We will be happy to develop a remuneration and bonus system for you so that your employees operate on a motivated, loyal and productive basis for the future of your company.

Salary administration

Creating the monthly payroll is a major challenge for many companies due to the constantly changing legal requirements. Our broad expertise and our internal control system (ICS) guarantee you and your employees legally complete and correct settlement of wages.

Social insurance schemes

The topics concerned in the area of social insurances can be very complex. We help you to maintain perspective and advise you on the choice of your insurance solutions. You can leave the coordination of services as well as communication with the social insurances completely up to us, so that you can dedicate yourself to your specialist area.

Employment and tax law

You can also rely on the long-term experience of our experts in employment law questions, expenses and staff regulations as well as tax issues such as cross-border employment relationships.

If special cases arise, for example in the area of fringe benefits, we can also fall back on our pool of specialists.

Interim positions

In cases of short-term staff shortages, we offer you support quickly and easily, directly on site in the area of HR and salary administration.


We choose the type of common (digital) communication together with you and offer appropriate instruments. Our HRM Digital will also impress you. It’s good to know that your data is retained and safely stored in Switzerland in our cloud.

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Balmer-Etienne services in the area of HR and salary administration

You will receive comprehensive services, customised for you individually, with the focus on the following core services:

  • Wage processing including complete outsourcing of salary administration
  • Social insurance registration and change notifications
  • Development of management tools in the HR area
  • Development of interim and final references
  • Employment law-related questions of every kind
  • Consulting, drafting and implementation of expense regulations, HR policy and directives
  • Support during the recruitment process
  • Consulting in the area of social insurance (Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance, OASI; Occupational Pensions Act, OPA; Accident Insurance Act, AIA; daily sickness benefits, KTG) as well as advice on withholding tax
  • Consulting on cross-border issues as regards social insurance
  • Tenders and risk analyses of insurance in the areas OPA, AIA, KTG
  • Process optimisation in the HR area (joining, leaving, on-boarding)

May we help you further?

  • Nicole Guerra


    Payroll expert edupool.ch, fiduciary with swiss examination

  • Arturo Vitali


    Payroll specialist, Social insurance specialist with swiss examination

  • Yolanda Annen


    Swiss Certified Fiduciary, HR Specialist with swiss examination

  • Karin Tschopp


    dipl. Treuhandexpertin

  • Jeannette Ming-De Pretto

    Ming-De Pretto

    MAS FH in Fiduciary and Management Consulting, Swiss Certified Fiduciary