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Digital HR-Management

HRM Digital offers digital personnel dossier management together with document management and archiving while complying with the FADP. Evaluations and statistics are likewise possible. The processes joining, on-boarding and leaving are also accessible.

The module can be used separately from existing programmes or as an extension. It therefore enables a further phase of digital transformation and rounds off our SME Digital package.

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Your benefits

Personnel dossier

Administration of personnel master data with detailed recording
Comprehensive filing structure with predefined document classes and extensive filter options
Defined reporting and (BFS) statistics
Export and interface options
Connection to other specialised applications possible
Elimination of redundant paper filing and shadow dossiers

Time saving

Location-independent direct access
No need to exchange documents by e-mail or paper
Cross-personal administration is simplified
Optimisation of compliance processes

Electronic archiving

Legally compliant storage with procedural documentation
Legally compliant deletion deadlines with automatic reminder functions

Data protection Security

Strong user authentication with DSG-compliant role definitions for access/licence assignment
Data exclusively in Switzerland (Swiss hosting provider)
Georedundant backup at second Swiss location
Automatic deletion concept


Simple handling with WEB option
Predefined, DSG-compliant role definitions for access and licence assignment
Connection to ERP and payroll systems possible
Massive Platzreduktion der Aktenaufbewahrung

Data management

Full text search thanks to OCR recognition
Enrichment with metadata possible
No redundancies due to standardised data basis
No complex folder structures
Cross-personal pending issues management in the HR processes

Standard, but flexible

Standardised processing procedures (work flows): Entry, onboarding, exit
Extension of processes possible by users
Contract management
Technical and professional support guaranteed

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HRM Digital

HRM Digital from Balmer-Etienne is based on:

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