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Finance and accounting

Accounting is a strong management tool when it is structured clearly and comprehensibly, as well as efficiently. We support you in the area of accounting with our experience and our resources.

We adapt to your needs and establish suitable entrepreneurial solutions in accounting together with you. We take on the management of your accounting, including the preparation and optimisation of the statutory annual financial statement, prepare your liquidity and financial planning and compile your reporting.

Wherever the location, and with reliable, innovative digital technologies our experts are there to support you with their networked expertise and offer you the required figures for the decisions to be made for your company’s future.

Our company is sufficiently large and we have excellent specialists who can offer you their expertise at national and international level (OR, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS).

Our services in accounting

Balmer-Etienne provides comprehensive advisory services in accounting. The focus is on the following subject areas:

  • Financial accounting, annual financial statement and/or interim statements including evaluations and consulting on annual statement/tax advice
  • Accounts payable and receivable, order processing, asset accounting, securities accounting, VAT declarations
  • Payroll accounting, salary and HR administration
  • Financial management tools (management cockpits/dashboards)
  • Budgeting, liquidity and financial planning
  • Creation and analysis of operational bookkeeping and cost accounting
  • Organisation and conceptual design of financial and reporting processes
  • Preparation of cloud-based accounting solutions and support of these
  • Reporting in an international context (IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Accounting and consolidated financial statements in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations or Swiss GAAP FER

Outsourcing – conserve your own resources

Would you like to conserve your own resources and concentrate on your core business?

You can outsource all or part of your accounting to us. We offer you customised solutions by adapting ourselves to your organisation. To optimise cooperation, we focus on our experience, the personal contact with you and our digital solutions.

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Complete outsourcing

You can transfer your financial accounting completely to Balmer-Etienne. Complete outsourcing will save you staff resources as well as licence costs for accounting programmes and guarantees you temporary staffing at all times. You will receive the necessary evaluations for your management tools so that you use your money and resources on an optimum basis.

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Partial outsourcing

If you are missing specific expertise or have staff shortages, we will step into the breach. In the short, medium or long term, we can take on individual areas in accounting and payroll or will be happy to support you in your premises. We are flexible, whether we access and work in our own systems or your systems.

We’ll be happy to support you in the areas you need. Thanks to our cloud and collaboration solutions, we can work together with you on a close and personal basis. Due to the size of our company, we can provide you with the respective resources and ensure knowledge transfer when bridging the gap.

External and interim deployment

May we help you further?

  • Andrea Küttel


    BSc ZFH in Business Administration, Swiss Certified Fiduciary

  • Batikan Bahceli


    Batikan Bahceli, BSc ZFH in Business Administration, Fiduciary

  • Donat Schiess


    Master Professional veb.ch in Accounting, Fiduciary with swiss examination

  • Michael Räber


    Swiss Certified Fiduciary, Payroll Expert edupool.ch