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External and interim deployment

In Swiss SMEs, key positions in the areas of finance and HR are usually occupied by very few people. Temporary additional workloads, difficulties in finding specialists or unexpected events in the form of shortages/retirements in these positions can lead to temporary staff being required.

Motivated and flexible employees from Balmer-Etienne will fill in for you in such situations as interim staff - either as a short-term or long-term sustainable solution.

Your challenges – what do we offer and how do we proceed?

In the event of staff shortages or vacancies, you benefit from our resources at all levels (from clerks to the CFO/HR Officer). Before we offer staff on an external or interim basis we analyse, together with your responsible persons, which requirements exist in your company and which competence profile is necessary for the task. This is compulsory and important, if competent support is to be found quickly and easily.

Balmer-Etienne can offer the following options for external and interim deployment:

  • appropriate deployment of one or more specialists in the areas of finances, salary administration and HR
  • temporary CFO
  • temporary HR manager
  • temporary payroll support
  • expansion of existing resources during phases of temporary additional workloads
  • support and optimisation of processes in the areas of finances and HR
  • implementation and/or supervision of financial management tools, liquidity planning and financial or operational accounting
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Your benefits – your advantages

You have the following advantages through the deployment of motivated Balmer-Etienne employees:

  • critical shortages and vacancies can be filled professionally and reliably
  • temporary staff in interim positions also allow the opportunity to rethink things
  • existing resources can be relieved terminations caused by work overload are thus more avoidable
  • existing persons in the company who fit into the company can be supplemented with specific professional expertise

May we help you further?

  • Daniel Schnider


    Master Professional veb.ch in Accounting

  • Donat Schiess


    Master Professional veb.ch in Accounting, Fiduciary with swiss examination

  • Marc Haldimann

    Marc Haldimann

    Master Professional veb.ch in Accounting