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Administrative outsourcing

Administration in your company, your foundation, your association and for you as a private person is becoming increasingly complex, time-consuming and technical. Many years of experience with our customers have shown that administration is becoming increasing complex, time-consuming and technical, be it in companies, foundations, institutions or for private persons. In order to cope with this, much time, specific knowledge and the required resources must be afforded.

Would you like to focus completely on your core competences, the challenges of your industry, your strategy and vision? In such a situation, the advantages of outsourcing your administration or individual sub-areas clearly prevail. By outsourcing work-intensive and time-consuming activities, your focus becomes more and more your core business and thus your own value creation.

Outsourcing administration is a core competence of Balmer-Etienne. Thanks to our digital solution SME Digital we can set up data exchange and communication with our customers quickly and on a redundance-free basis.

The networked expertise at Balmer-Etienne is an active approach – to the benefit of our customers.


In terms of outsourcing, you will receive the following services from Balmer-Etienne:

  • Performance of overall administration, including bookkeeping (order processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, controlling, financial management, etc.)
  • HR administration: We take over responsibility for wage processing, HR administration, HR (employment contracts, work references, permits including social insurance, foundation administration and association management including member and address management)
  • Outsourcing and sparring partner for Family Offices or Family Offices providers in the areas of finance and accounting, administration, taxes, legal, properties and provisions
  • Tailor-made support with staff shortages (interim) – as a temporary solution or in the long-term as an outsourcing partner
  • Handling state distribution (administration, bookkeeping, etc.) on behalf of heirs and executors

Your benefits

  • Outsourcing and sparring partner with comprehensive professional skills and expertise – straightforward, fast, tailored to needs
  • Appropriate deployment of specialist staff (from clerks to experts)
  • Work done at your premises or via external access
  • Own accounting and administrative solution with SME Digital
  • Outsourcing of your entire IT including data protection. Here, we work together with our IT partner BWO Systems AG
  • Flexible deployment of hours or days up to weeks
  • The problem of absences due to holidays and sickness no longer exists

May we help you further?

  • Roger Stirnemann


    Fiduciary with swiss examination, Certified HR Manager NDS HF, Certified Business Engineer NDS HF