We deliver solutions

The requirements for public entities, pension funds and NPOs are becoming increasingly complex. To find the right solutions, it often helps to view these issues from different perspectives. With us by your side, you will come to appreciate the networking of specialist skills cultivated within our company and our many years of experience.

Charitable foundations, associations and other NPOs are becoming more and more significant for the public sector. NPOs are therefore also confronted more frequently with increasing regulatory demands. Our long-standing work as auditors and advisors means that we know where there are hurdles and stumbling blocks and how these can be overcome or circumvented.

Erika Wermelinger-Kurmann
BScBA University of Bern
Swiss Certified Public Accountant



  • Audits of annual financial statements and special audits
  • Bookkeeping and accounting (including, in particular, Swiss GAAP FER 21)


  • Accounts, interim and annual financial statements
  • Personnel administration, payroll accounting, social security insurance
  • Value-added tax accounting
  • Interim employment in all areas

Business advice

  • Risk management and internal control systems (ICS), controlling and management information systems
  • Project management and coaching (infrastructure, change management)
  • Organisational assessment and development
  • Real estate advice

Legal and tax advice

  • Legal advice on all foundation and association-specific issues
  • Representation and assistance with the communication with the Foundation Supervisory Authority
  • Advice on general matters relating to tax law and value-added tax law
  • Advice on questions relating to labour law and social security insurance law