Non-profit organisations (NPO) / foundations

Non-profit organisations

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Erika Wermelinger-Kurmann

BscBA University of Bern,
Swiss Certified Accountant
+41 41 228 11 11

Non-profit organisations (NPO) / foundations.

Charitable foundations, associations and other non-profit organisations (NPO) are becoming more and more significant for the public community. NPOs are therefore also confronted more and more frequently with increasing demands. Our long-standing work as auditors and consultants means that we know where there are hurdles and stumbling blocks and how these can be overcome or circumvented.



  • Audits of annual financial statements and special audits;
  • Bookkeeping and accounting (including, in particular, Swiss GAAP FER 21).


  • Accounts, interim and annual financial statements;
  • Personnel administration, payroll accounting, social security insurance;
  • Value-added tax accounting;
  • Interim employment in all areas.

Business consulting

  • Risk management and internal control system (ICS), controlling and management information system;
  • Project management and coaching (infrastructure, change management);
  • Organisational assessment and development;
  • Real estate consulting.

Legal and tax advice

  • Legal advice on all foundation and association-specific issues;
  • Representation and assistance with contacts with the Foundation Supervisory Authority;
  • Advice on general questions relating to tax law and value-added tax law;
  • Advice on questions relating to employment law and social security insurance law.