Companies and entrepreneurs

Companies and entrepreneurs

We work for you.


Andreas Glanzmann

Andreas Glanzmann

Dr. iur., LL. M.,
Attorney at Law
+41 41 228 11 11

Companies and entrepreneurs.

Balmer-Etienne stands for personal, committed support for companies and their owners. Here, we cultivate a holistic, interdisciplinary approach: We bring together auditors, tax experts, lawyers and trust experts under one roof. Thanks to this focused breadth of knowledge and experience and in conjunction with the high degree of flexibility demonstrated by our staff, we are able to work efficiently towards a solution tailored to your needs.

For medium-sized and larger companies, we are your specialist.

Despite having specialised in certain areas, we retain an overview even when looking at complex issues, think holistically and, at the same time, intensify our focus on the essentials.

We act as a sparring partner for owner-managed companies. We cover the areas of finance, taxes and law with vision and commitment. In so doing, we attach great importance to focusing constantly on the company and the entrepreneur.



  • Performing accountancy services and preparing annual financial statements;
  • Tax returns, tax optimisation and pension schemes;
  • Value-added tax accounting, fiscal representation at home and abroad;
  • Temporary management, interim employment, external Chief Financial Officer (eCFO);
  • HR and personnel administration, payroll accounting; social security insurance, withholding tax.


  • Ordinary audits;
  • Limited audits;
  • Special audits.

Tax advice

  • Tax planning and tax optimisation for entrepreneurs and companies;
  • Relocations of companies and private individuals;
  • Value-added tax and customs duty advice, value-added tax fiscal representation;
  • Inter-cantonal/international tax advice, tax compliance.

Legal advice

  • Mergers, business divisions and conversions;
  • Contractual concepts;
  • All aspects of contract and corporate law, in particular, sales, employment and joint stock corporation law;
  • Legal opinions and concepts.

Business consulting

  • Company formations, conversions, mergers, company divisions, liquidations and restructuring;
  • Purchase and sale of companies, support with negotiations;
  • Due diligence audits (financial, fiscal and legal);
  • Company valuation.

Real estate consulting

  • Valuation;
  • Purchase and sales advice;
  • Legal and tax advice;
  • Property development and advice to property developers.