Non-profit organisations (NPO)

We don’t just advise you in NPO matters, we inhabit the NPO sector.

NPO sector at Balmer-Etienne

Two of our employees were responsible for the finances in a non-profit organisation for more than 10 years and managed the integrated accounting area with other customers from the NPO area. We can thus support and understand you not just from a consultant’s perspective but from within your environment.

In the area of finances:

Balmer-Etienne comes from your sector and is networked in the NPO sector. «That’s why we see things a bit differently.»

In parallel, an NPO specialist area with proven accounting experts and auditors has grown within Balmer-Etienne since 2010.

Outsourcing, Audit und Advisory

We also sit on boards of directors, foundation boards and other management bodies on a contractual basis. In matters of VAT, you benefit from the in-house VAT specialists at Balmer-Etienne.

Balmer-Etienne sponsors several events, such as:

We are also represented through our Board’s activities at ArtiSet Zürich Link opens in a new tab., the merger of INSOS Zurich and Curaviva Zurich. We stand in for our clients in the NPO sector and appoint interim CFOs or help designated financial experts to grow into the NPO sector – on a «fast, entrepreneurial and solution-oriented» basis.

Many customers use the traditional accounting services such as bookkeeping, payroll administration and preparing the annual financial statements.

Interview with an NPO client: Ellen Guldberg from the Andante Foundation


Balmer-Etienne services for NPOs

Outsourcing / auditing

  • Consulting and support in questions of accounting and financial reporting (in particular also Swiss GAAP FER 21)
  • Keeping accounts
  • Salary accounting / personnel administration
  • Advice on financial statement and VAT
  • Support in application / reporting to the party paying for services
  • Traditional auditing (restricted / ordinary)
  • Special audits

Business consulting

  • General foundation administration including processing incoming applications
  • Preparation, support and assessment of financial and liquidity plans as well as budgets
  • Consulting and preparation of cost, performance and revenue accounting
  • Development/optimisation of controlling and management information systems
  • Organisational assessment and development
  • Interim deployment in all areas
  • Consulting and support for financial staff without NPO experience

Legal and Tax consulting

  • Legal consulting on foundation- and association-specific matters (setup, support of governing bodies in optimisation and professionalisation)
  • Creation or change of foundation deeds, association statutes and regulations
  • Consulting on general matters relating to tax law and value-added tax law
  • Consulting on questions relating to employment law and social security insurance law

May our experts help you further?

  • Nicole Reize


    Swiss Certified Public Accountant

  • Erika Wermelinger


    BScBA University of Bern, Swiss Certified Public Accountant

  • Isabelle Geisser


    Chartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management

  • Bettina Müller


    Fiduciary with swiss examination