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Public entities

Auditing and advising public entities is one of the core competences of Balmer-Etienne.

Balmer-Etienne’s experience shows that the financial, legal and organisational requirements for the public entities are becoming more complex. Thanks to our specialists and the networking of professional competences cultivated in our company, you will receive comprehensive services from a single source. In the area of accounting for public entities (HRM2) we have qualified specialists with very good training and wide experience. Thanks to permanent further training, but also through current mandates, we are familiar with the latest developments as well as with the challenges that arise on the user side.

Our customers include, for example, cantons, political communes, parishes, schools communal assemblies, municipal associations, inter-communal institutions as well as retirement and nursing homes.

Öffentliche Verwaltungen

Balmer-Etienne offers the following services for public entities, including:

  • Auditing annual financial statements as the statutory auditor or the auditing body or on a contract basis
  • Consulting/support at implementation of a risk management and internal control system (ICS)
  • Consulting/support in the independence of institutions and organisations (such as communal retirement and nursing homes)
  • Advice in accounting issues (HRM2, Swiss GAAP FER, various cantonal specifications)
  • Compilation, support and assessment of business plans, financial plans and cost-effectiveness calculations
  • Project management and coaching (for example, in infrastructure projects or Change Management)
  • Data analyses
  • Holding training courses, for example, in the areas of accounting, risk management or ICS
  • Expert opinions/expert reports

May we help you further?

  • Reto Klauser


    Business economist HWV, Swiss Certified Public Accountant

  • Alois Köchli


    Business economist FH, Swiss Certified Public Accountant

  • Katrin Schmid


    BSc ZFH in Business Administration, Swiss Certified Public Accountant