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Other services

In addition to the traditional audit as well as statutory and voluntary special audits, Balmer-Etienne also offers you a wide scope of other audit-related services.

Advice on financial reporting and financial reporting standards

There are different reasons why the Board of Directors has to deal with the individual accounting standards. For example, shareholders who demand a financial statement according to a recognised standard, in addition to the annual financial statement, or the desire for increased transparency in general.

We will be pleased to show you the possibilities offered with the choice of suitable accounting standards for your individual financial statement or your consolidated accounts (such as Kern-FER, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS) and inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of individual accounting standards as well as the expected conversion effort involved.

Advice on setting up or revising your ICS and your risk management

Through our activities as an annual auditor and as internal auditor, we have comprehensive insight into the various internal control systems and risk management processes used in practice. You will receive support from Balmer-Etienne in the analysis of existing ICS and risk management as well as proposals for improvement.

Data analyses

Huge amounts of data accumulate in companies. The right choice, analysis and interpretation of this data is becoming increasingly important in corporate management. We are happy to support you with our experience and our data analysis tool IDEA, for example in

  • implementing targeted sampling procedures
  • recognising data outliers
  • systematic inventory or sales analyses.

Expert reports

In the case of imminent disputes or ongoing legal proceedings, we at Balmer-Etienne can support you with our expert activities, such as:

  • expert reports on business-related issues for courts and public prosecutors
  • expert opinions to strengthen your position
  • second opinions on counter-assessments or expert opinions
  • business interpretation of contractual content
  • calculations of damages.
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  • Roland Furger


    lic. oec., Swiss Certified Public Accountant

  • Alois Köchli


    Business economist FH, Swiss Certified Public Accountant