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Internal audits in outsourcing

Balmer-Etienne performs the function of internal audits in outsourcing. Balmer-Etienne already operates as an internal auditor for a variety of regional health insurance funds and insurance companies.

Balmer-Etienne also provides selective support; be it as part of a special topic in the area of the internal audit, at the configuration of the internal control system or in the case of staff shortages. Our customers particularly appreciate the fact that we work in a professional, dedicated and reliable manner. We will be happy to support you too.

Internal audits with Balmer-Etienne

Creating added value

As an independent service provider, we provide auditing and advisory services with the focus of creating added value for our customers. As part of the audit, business processes are examined with the goal of achieving improvements in the areas of efficiency and effectiveness.

Risk management

In order for the corporate goals to be achieved, the internal audit supports the board of directors and Executive Board in assessing and improving risk management. The focus is on the reduction of risks. The internal auditors assess the internal control system as part of the management and monitoring process. The effectiveness of the controls as well as their implementation and results are evaluated in this process.

Governance and compliance

Monitoring the compliance of internal and external guidelines as well as company-specific directives is also part of the field of activity of the internal audit. The focus is primarily on the protection of assets. In particular, avoiding criminal cash outflow must be ensured. If the laws and regulations are not complied with, there is a threat of substantial fines by external regulators.

Target group

Numerous companies in the various different sectors voluntarily choose internal audits. The internal audit plays an important supporting role in risk management as well as governance and compliance topics. It also establishes additional trust and security towards the stakeholders of the company. The companies supervised by the FINMA or the FOPH (banks, insurance, health insurance funds) must have an internal audit.

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Balmer-Etienne services in internal audits

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