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Taxes for private persons

We support and advise you in all your tax-related issues and find optimal solutions for you.

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Tax advice for private persons

You are obliged to pay taxes, but optimising your taxes is our responsibility. Advising private persons in tax matters is a core competence of Balmer-Etienne.

In addition to traditional income and wealth tax, the tax law for private persons also includes a variety of other tax types, such as property tax, inheritance and gift tax, special tax of capital payments, withholding tax, etc. Expertise in all sub-areas is thus necessary for comprehensive advisory services. Our holistic and interdisciplinary advisory approach provides you with the security of always being well-structured where tax law is concerned. So that you can direct your focus on your own needs, we will represent you vis-à-vis tax authorities and other administrative authorities, professionally and punctually. You will be able to benefit from our professional contacts with authorities. Thanks to our international network, we can also address your international questions.

We know our way around in the world of tax laws, ordinances and directives.

Your tax planning doesn’t just start when you fill out your tax return. Long-term optimisation often requires a lead time. We advise you comprehensively and with foresight, and can thus realise sustainable solutions for you. In each phase of life there are different tax-related issues, and we are prepared for these.

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Balmer-Etienne services in tax law for private persons

We provide consulting in all subject areas of tax law, such as

  • Compilation of tax returns for all cantons
  • Advisory services in tax assessment procedures
  • Mentoring and representation in appeal procedures
  • Tax rulings
  • Working with supplementary and penalty tax procedures
  • Optimising your fringe benefits
  • Planning tax in the case of professional and private changes
  • Tax advice with settlement or change of residence
  • Tax advice with real estate transactions
  • Optimising your pension contributions and benefits
  • Clarification of withholding tax issues
  • Fiscal optimisation of your asset structure
  • Reference planning for entrepreneurs
  • Fiscal issues with succession planning
  • Optimisation of inheritance and gift tax
  • Coordination of international tax aspects through our network

At Balmer-Etienne, you will receive the required capacity and expertise. We are used to offering individual, holistic solutions customised for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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