SME Digital from Balmer-Etienne

SME Digital offers a comprehensive solution in the area of accounting, document management, archiving and intelligent information management that is unique on the market. Working with the best partners, we have created a standard offering for SMEs that enables maximum flexibility upon request.


Information management

  • Management of any information
  • Customisable digital processes (workflows)
  • System for the implementation of a digitalisation strategy
  • Electronic post and integrated task management


  • Comprehensive accounting solution with financial accounting, salaries, debtors, creditors, cost centres, cost allocation sheets, payments with EBICS interface, etc.
  • High level of booking automation
  • Flexible and digital rights

Electronic archiving

  • Legally compliant storage with process documentation
  • Option to digitally archive all documents
  • Integrated document management system in PDF/A format


  • Simple handling for web accounting
  • Available anywhere
  • Creditor approval can also be done via app
  • ERP system connection possible

Time savings

  • Substantial time savings possible
  • No more time-consuming searches for documents
  • Significant simplification of administration
  • Optimisation of compliance processes
  • New type of collaboration with fiduciaries

Search function

  • Full-text search thanks to OCR recognition
  • Can be enhanced with metadata
  • No redundancies thanks to uniform database
  • No complex folder structures

Data protection, data security

  • Strong user authentication
  • Central rights allocation
  • Data stored only in Switzerland (Swiss hosting provider)
  • Geo-redundant backup at a second location in Switzerland

Standard, but flexible

  • Standardised processes (workflows) at present
    • Creditors
    • Expenses
    • Contract management
  • Can be expanded by users
  • Technical and professional support guaranteed


  • Accounting software
  • Leading integrated accounting systems
  • 60,000 SME clients in Switzerland
  • 13,000 employees around the world
  • On the market for more than 30 years

Sage 50 Extra – the standard in Swiss accounting.

Five reasons in favour of Sage 50 Extra:

  1. The accounting standard for Swiss SMEs
  2. Simple collaboration with fiduciaries in the cloud
  3. Widely used: in use by 36,000 Swiss SMEs and 2,400 fiduciaries
  4. Can be expanded with more than 1,000 software solutions in various sectors
  5. Secure support at all times: with training and support from Sage and its partners

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Leading provider of ECM software
  • More than 8,000 clients worldwide, and rising
  • On the Swiss market for more than 10 years

M-Files – take advantage of the efficiency, reduce the complexity. Enterprise content management (ECM) systems work across sectors to bring business information resources under control and provide authorised users with intuitive and quick access to these resources. But convenience and security is just the beginning. A simple and suitable ECM solution can help optimise workflow management and business process management activities substantially.

  • Leading Swiss IT specialist
  • IT general contractor
  • 48 employees in Schenkon
  • On the market for more than 25 years

  • Fiduciary, auditing and advisory specialist
  • Leading fiduciary company in Switzerland
  • 125 employees, including around 50 in fiduciary services
  • On the market for more than 70 years