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With our support, self-employed persons save taxes.

Tax optimisation for self-employed workers

If you are obliged to pay taxes, you also have the right to save taxes. Swiss tax law offers a variety of opportunities to optimise duties and tax burdens through skilful planning and forward-looking action. You too can take advantage of this. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can effect long-term tax savings for you.

For self-employed persons, the private as well as the entrepreneurial areas fall under one taxable entity, which results in interesting configuration options. Our solutions are based on a holistic advisory approach. We analyse both your private situation as well as your business environment and develop a tax- and contribution-optimised solution for you.

It is often larger or unique events which offer considerable tax savings potential through skilful planning in advance. Thanks to our expertise and our calculation tools, we can transparently demonstrate how and to what extent you as a self-employed person can reduce your taxes and tax burden or optimise them. We’ll be happy to show you tax savings potential in variant calculations.

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Where does potential for tax optimisation exist?

Some examples from everyday practice:

  • purchase of a sole proprietorship/taking up self-employment
  • purchase and/or sale of real estate (under the heading: preponderance method)
  • results planning in the sole proprietorship or partnership taking into account the private situation
  • transfer of objects from business to private assets and vice versa
  • use of tax losses carried forward
  • optimisation of pension situation (in particular pillars 2 and 3)
  • company expansion (other places of operation)
  • succession planning within the family or the workforce
  • conversion of the sole proprietorship or the partnership into a legal person
  • use of privileged taxation of liquidation profit
  • pension planning (withdrawing a lump-sum vs. drawing a pension; draw-down planning of the pension funds over several years)
  • receipt of benefits in kind
  • VAT optimisation of specific transactions or selection of reporting method
  • tax-optimised external financing taking into account the option of debt interest deduction
  • analysis of specific situations (such as existence of bogus self-employment)

Our team of experts has solid training, many years of experience in practice and is continuously undergoing further training in order to be able to offer you the best possible, tailor-made solution.

May we help you further?

  • Marco Frappa


    Business economist FH, Swiss Certified Tax Expert, MAS FH in MWST, LL.M. VAT

  • Renate Spichtig


    Fiduciary with swiss examination, Social insurance specialist with swiss examination