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Matrimonial law and law of succession

We advise private persons comprehensively in the regulations of their future inheritance.

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Consulting in all aspects of matrimonial law and law of succession

Balmer-Etienne provides competent and comprehensive consulting in matrimonial law and law of succession. We are the right contact for you if you want to regulate independently what should happen to your assets after your demise. Our customers appreciate not only our support when choosing a suitable legal arrangement, but also when taking into account the tax implications. This also ensures that your will is enforced in the best possible manner, not only in legal but also in fiscal terms. If you want to discharge your surviving relatives or ensure that your estate will actually be managed and distributed according to your wishes, you can also count on Balmer-Etienne as an executor.

What is matrimonial law and law of succession?

The law of succession regulates what happens to the assets of a deceased person (testator), which is also known as an estate, and to whom this then passes after their demise. If the testator was married, matrimonial property law must also be observed, which influences the scope and the composition of the estate of married persons, as in this case a matrimonial property settlement must take place before the inheritance settlement.

Although the Swiss Civil Code (CC) provides a regulation for every conceivable case of succession, it also leaves leeway for individual solutions. Such cases usually particularly occur where, for example, your assets include a company or property or if you are part of a patchwork family or are not married to your life partner. The matrimonial property arrangement options can be utilised by concluding a marital agreement. Influence can be exerted on the distribution of the estate by drawing up a will or concluding a contract of inheritance. It must be noted that marital agreements and contracts of inheritance, like wills, can only be validly established if certain formal requirements are adhered to.

It is important to know that gifts made during lifetime can have an influence on the composition and division of your future estate. It is therefore recommended, particularly with the distribution of larger gifts, to check the consequences of succession law in good time and to regulate them if necessary.

In addition to support in the choice and implementation of an optimal matrimonial and inheritance regulation, our advisory services also include the management of estates and the preparation of the distribution as part of the execution of the will, support of the heirs during the distribution of the estate as well as consulting with regard to the regulation of provision in the case that you lack the mental capacity, via an advance care directive or a patient decree.

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Balmer-Etienne services in matrimonial law and law of succession

  • Comprehensive consulting in questions of matrimonial property law and law of succession
  • Compilation of cohabitation agreements, marital agreements, contracts of succession, wills
  • Execution of wills, heir representation, succession administration
  • Advice on estate distribution
  • Support in care directives and patient decrees

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