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It is always worth clarifying the legal implications of new ideas before implementing them, as the law provides both a framework and protection. Firstly, it regulates the conditions under which an idea can be realised, secondly it provides security if unforeseen events arise. Our legal experts are specialists in the interpretation of opportunities and risks and can draw on their qualifications to offer genuine expert advice. Hence, continuity in the advisor-client relationship and pinpointing your needs play a crucial role.

Denis Glanzmann
lic. iur., Attorney at Law


Company formations

  • Advice regarding all aspects of company formations
  • Financing options, capital structure, location evaluation, corporate environment etc.
  • Articles of incorporation, organisational regulations, signatory arrangements
  • Shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements

Purchase and sale of companies

  • Advice in all areas relating to the purchase and sale of companies
  • Implementation concepts, issues relating to finance, structuring
  • Due diligence checks
  • Letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements
  • Editing and negotiation of purchase agreements, completion of transactions

Stock corporation law

  • Advice on all questions relating to the stock corporation law
  • Corporate structure and organisation
  • Commercial register law
  • Capital increases, capital reductions, subsequent payments of capital
  • Amendments of articles of incorporation
  • Mergers, demergers, conversions, liquidations
  • Board of directors’ tasks and mandates
  • Financing and restructuring
  • Shareholders’ agreements

Labour law

  • Advice on all issues pertaining to labour law
  • Employment contracts, managing director contracts, employment regulations, expense policies
  • Settlements under labour law, termination agreements, dismissals
  • Social insurance schemes
  • Performance-related pay, employee participation schemes

Matrimonial property and inheritance law

  • Advice in the field of matrimonial property and inheritance law
  • Domestic partnership contracts, marriage contracts, wills, inheritance contracts
  • Advance directives and living wills
  • Representation of heirs, estate management, estate distribution, division of estates

Data protection law

  • Explanation of documentation obligations
  • Evaluation of risks in data protection law
  • Review of data protection compliance
  • Implementation support
  • Preparation of guidelines, agreements and directives


Andreas Glanzmann
Dr. iur., LL.M., Attorney at Law

Corinna Stubenvoll
MLaw, Attorney at Law

Thomas Muri
MLaw, Attorney at Law

Felix Horat
Dr. iur., Attorney at Law

Priska Ineichen
lic. iiur., Attorney at Law

Valentina Zürcher
MLaw, Attorney at Law