IT Recht und ICT Recht

IT law and ICT law

Balmer-Etienne knows its way around IT law and ICT law.

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We can no longer do without information and communication technology in our everyday lives. Using new technologies, new business models are created which lead to stronger networking between humans and systems. Multimedia internet presence, online marketing campaigns, data collections on customers, markets and products, etc. can hardly be profitably implemented without the appropriate IT systems and software.

In the private as well as the professional environment, new technologies simplify procedures and processes, control communication and make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency in business life. However, in a digitalised world, it is also imperative that technology and law complement each other. For this new world, legal, technical and organisational precautions therefore need to be taken in order to comply with the regulatory requirements and thus to clearly define the tasks and responsibilities of all those involved. This concerns, for example, the area of information and data security, but also the typical ICT contracts in several corporate areas.

We provide our legal and technical expertise where it is needed at the interfaces of digitalisation, IT, data protection and information security, as well as corporate governance. We thus build the bridge between modernisation by means of IT/ICT and a practical implementation of standard business practice.

What is IT law resp. ICT law?

IT law resp. ICT law are – in brief – information technology law and information and communication technology law. Although there are no standardised legal definitions, IT law or ICT law are today recognised as a separate field of law. Patent, copyright and design law play an important role in ICT contracts and must always be observed. Would you like to outsource a part of your IT support, for example, but still retain control over your entire IT structure? Are you planning to modernise your processes and work software but do not know whether a cloud solution is the suitable licence model for you and which legal stumbling blocks should be avoided? Would you like to implement an online marketing campaign but do not know the data protection requirements? Or are you a software developer and need a contract for your customers?

With this broad expertise, Balmer-Etienne offers you practice-based, practical and competent support and helps you to operate confidently in the IT world from a legal perspective.

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Balmer-Etienne services in IT law and ICT law

We provide comprehensive advisory services in IT law and ICT law. These include in particular:

  • Data protection and information security
    • Consulting in all data protection and information security concerns
    • Implementation of applicable statutory regulations including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Compilation, checking and negotiation of privacy statements, data protection regulations
    • Check and support in the development of technical and organisational measures (ToM) and other data protection issues
    • Employee data protection: Compilation, checking and adaptation of legal documentation
    • Acceptance of the mandate as external data protection officer
    • Support in information security legal concerns
  • Software law
    • Creation, check and negotiation of ICT contracts, in particular licence and maintenance contracts including Service Level Agreements (SLA), IT outsourcing contracts, project/development contracts for agilely managed projects, cooperation agreements, purchasing and maintenance contracts for hardware, cloud computing contracts, hosting, GTC for providers/customers
    • Support in ICT projects and transactions
  • Internet law
    • Legal support in the area of contracting new technologies such as Block Chain, IoT, AI, Smart Contracts, GTC for providers/clients, etc.
  • E-commerce
    • Legal support in e-commerce solutions
    • Questions in connection with e-commerce
  • LegalTech/digital law
    • Legal support in LegalTech/digital law solutions
  • Intellectual property law
    • Support in trademark and patent law matters
  • Social media
    • Legal support in the area of contracting, such as creating, checking and negotiating, for example, social influencer contracts, etc.

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