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Our experts continuously find that the requirements in the areas of corporate governance and financing are becoming increasingly varied and complex and that nothing is so constant as change. Only those who keep moving achieve sustained success. Our experts are extremely familiar with changing market circumstances and are happy to pass on their knowledge to you.

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Whether as a project manager or a member of a project team, interdisciplinary thinking is at the core of what we do. We work with vision and experience, meaning that we identify opportunities and risks at an early stage and deal with them professionally.

What is corporate finance?

“Corporate finance” basically encompasses all finance-related disciplines of fund-raising and use of funds in a company. With regard to consulting, it includes the most diverse services such as evaluating companies or projects, mentoring in the purchase or sale of companies, support in investment decisions, financing issues, etc.

Balmer-Etienne services in Corporate Finance

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

The market environment has become more demanding - the sustainable growth of companies is more difficult. Mergers & Acquisitions is a solution for gaining new turnover or being able to tap new business areas. Transactions are complex and must be thought through and planned. We support entrepreneurs in the entire purchasing and selling process of companies/business areas, including contract and price negotiations, upon request from the first contact through to integration. Clients can also benefit from our contacts and access to platforms when seeking suitable buyers or sellers. Clients also receive our support in corporate and project financing.

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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

With the due diligence audit, companies safeguard against potential risks by checking the assumptions and prerequisites for cooperation or before accepting an object or an offer and identifying, in particular, the relevant risks (or opportunities). It is recommend to conduct a due diligence audit before acquiring a target customer/object. We review these risks and opportunities carefully and competently in legal, fiscal, financial and economic relationships, both from the seller’s and the buyer’s perspectives. It’s good to know that we employ all the required specialists at Balmer-Etienne AG – because networked expertise is indispensable here. For smaller transactions, we offer a specific supplementary SME-DD, which also takes into particular account the size and the complexity of the respective companies.


Company and project valuation

Company valuations are required in various different situations, such as at company takeovers, company mergers, bids by third parties, distortions between shareholders, arbitrator’s awards, divorces, etc. We compile professional company and project valuations according to all the rules of valuation (such as DCF valuations), on a profit and future-oriented basis with sensitivity analyses and plausibility checks (market and transaction multiples).


Informative management tools

During financing, reorganisation, restructuring and succession, for example, informative financial management tools which demonstrate the current development at all times in a sufficient clear and in-depth manner are indispensable. We provide consulting services at the creation of management cockpits (such as by means of Power BI), financial management tools (including those in the area of Human Resources) and at the definition of key performance indicators or KPI.



Whether in good times or in more challenging times, commercially necessary and appropriate restructuring and reorganisation can contribute to sustainable success. We support companies during mergers, divisions of operations, liquidations, restructuring, etc. and help to find the ideal structures – be these legal, fiscal or organisational.


Financial planning

Anticipation of business developments and the consequences for finances is essential. Many clients appreciate our help in setting up meaningful and practical budget, financial, liquidity and business plans. The added value from this is evident, and provides planning security.


Wage models and compensation plans

The compensation frequently forms a key element in the development of a partnership or with staff loyalty (for example, in the management area). The development of performance-oriented yet SME-suitable remuneration models is challenging. We are pleased to take on this challenge. Of course, you also benefit from our long-term experience in the planning and implementation of participation programmes for employees (option plans).

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Consulting in corporate governance and business policy

Many companies and in particular also their owners appreciate having an innovative, honest, competent sparring partner at their side who can think outside the box. We can take on this position, either as a mentor/sparring partner, an external administrative board, project manager and/or moderator.


Expert activities with financial issues (valuation, accounting)

In the case of disputes, courts or companies/shareholders often require a neutral body that clarifies these issues within the framework of expert reports. Thanks to our networked, specific expertise, we can offer precisely this framework within the scope of legal and arbitration proceedings, special audits and business expert reports in insurance cases. We are used to understanding and ultimately solving very complex issues.

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    Swiss Certified Public Accountant, Banking expert

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    lic. rer. pol., Swiss Certified Public Accountant

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    Dr. iur., Attorney at Law

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    MLaw, Swiss Certified Tax Expert, LL.M. UZH International Tax Law

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    Business economist FH, Swiss Certified Public Accountant, MAS Corporate Finance