You’re in the right hands with us as your accounting partner

We serve small and medium-sized companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs, as a sparring partner for matters in the areas of accounting, business consulting, tax and legal. We are proactive and think ahead to achieve sustainable, tailor-made solutions. Our advisors can also consult with in-house specialists at any time, ensuring that your needs are met quickly, professionally and at a cost that offers you the best value for money. Our services are provided with the utmost dedication, passion and professionalism.

André Egli
Swiss Certified Fiduciary


Administration outsourcing services

  • Handling of general administrative tasks (including secretarial service) for companies, associations, foundations and private individuals
  • Full administrative outsourcing incl. bookkeeping (order processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, HR, financial accounting, controlling, financial management, etc.)
  • Outsourcing provider and sparring partner for family offices for the areas of accounting, administration, tax, legal and pension solutions
  • Completion of administrative work for older individuals and support for day-to-day tasks (payments, taxes, insurance) within the scope of a personal accounting service

HR/payroll administration and social insurance

  • Payroll management
  • Social insurance registration and declarations
  • Drafting of interim and final references
  • Labour law-related questions of every kind
  • Advisory for and drafting and implantation of guidance for expense regulations, HR policies and other directives
  • Support during the recruitment process
  • Advisory services in the area of social insurance (Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance, AHV; occupational pension provision, BVG; accident insurance, UVG; daily sickness benefits, KTG) as well as advice on tax at source
  • Advice regarding social insurance for cross-border employments
  • Support with evaluations and risk analyses of insurance solutions relating to BVG, UVG, KTG

Pension, financial and retirement planning

  • Planning and optimisation of pension contributions and benefits
  • Analysis and optimisation of benefits in the area of old-age, invalidity and death for private individuals
  • Development of private pension, financial and retirement plans
  • Tax-optimised withdrawal and additional buy-in planning for pension schemes
  • Support with the preparation of private consumption plans
  • Support and assistance for private investments (securities, property, own companies)
  • Estate, last will and inheritance planning
  • Advice regarding family structure and beneficial ownership

External support/ad interim assignments

  • Assistance and support for companies and entrepreneurs as:
    • External CFO (eCFO)
    • External controller (eController)
    • External HR and personnel manager (eHR)
  • Supporting the development and optimisation of financial and reporting processes
    Ad interim assignments: support in the event of temporary staffing shortages or to bridge staffing gaps in the areas finance, accounting and payroll. Providing capacities on all levels (experts, specialists, administrators, office staff) as short or medium term solution

Accounting services

  • Financial accounting; annual and/or interim financial statements including evaluations and advice on those statements
  • Accounts payable and receivable accounting, order processing, asset accounting, VAT declarations
  • Organisation and conceptual design of accounting processes
  • Financial management tools (management cockpits/dashboards)
  • Budgeting, liquidity and financial planning
  • Establishment and analysis of operational bookkeeping and cost accounting
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations or Swiss GAAP FER
  • Support for reporting requirements in an international accounting context (IFRS, US GAAP)

Succession and acquisitions advice

  • Initialisation of company succession plans by identifying and coordinating objectives and needs of the enterprise and the persons involved based on a situation analysis
  • Identification of opportunities and risks based on multiple assessment criteria and development of options
  • Preparation of relevant legal and tax documents for the succession process (purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, company valuations)
  • Continuous support for buyers and/or sellers as a sparring partner and coach during the entire succession process

Sparring partner

  • Support for entrepreneurs in the areas of business consulting, accounting, tax and legal
  • Advisory council and sparring partner for board of directors and executive management members (CEO, CFO)
  • Support in the areas of strategic and financial management, process optimisation, development of internal control systems (ICS)
  • Support for digital transformation processes

Digital accounting

  • WEB-accounting: access to our accounting solutions, including Sage and Abacus (uncomplicated, cost-optimised and supported/maintained in-house)
  • Scanning, digital filing and archiving of accounts payable, accounts receivable and business documents
  • Automated recording of accounts payable transactions
  • Digital transformation support, including the set-up and implementation of filing systems as well as process optimisation as part of the preparation for digitalisation
  • Support for connecting existing accounts payable/receivable software to financial bookkeeping systems or support in the implementation of digital management cockpits (dashboards)


Marco Beck
lic. rer. pol., Swiss Certified Public Accountant

Andrea Küttel
BSc in Business Administration ZFH, Swiss Certified Fiduciary

Karin Tschopp
Swiss Certified Fiduciary

Jeannette Ming-De Pretto
MAS FH in Fiduciary and Consulting,
Swiss Certified Fiduciary

Roger Stirnemann
Fiduciary with swiss examination, Master HR Management, Swiss Certified Business Engineer NDS HF

Erika Wermelinger-Kurmann
BScBA University of Bern
Swiss Certified Public Accountant

Dejan Przulj
MScBA in Business Development and Promotion,
BSc in Business Administration HSLU

Philipp Dahinden
Swiss Certified Fiduciary

Why Balmer-Etienne

By your side

We are your constantly available personal contact and take entrepreneurial responsibility. This ensures continuity and holistic advice.

Sector focus

We have in-depth sector and business knowledge, especially related to SMEs.Moreover, you benefit from  our wide network of contacts in finance and business.


We provide an individual, uncomplicated and user-friendly online accounting service. You only pay for the services that you really use and have access to all the data, no matter where you are.

Everything from a single source

We have our own interdisciplinary specialists at our disposal.

Sparring partner

We support your financial management tasks, including holistic, proactive and prompt planning, optimising and coordination. We not only prepare the appropriate practice-oriented management tools and decision bases, we also assist you in dealing with non-day-to-day questions as a sparring partner who can see the whole picture. This frees you up, so you canconcentrate fully on your core competencies.