We work for you.
Personally, with dedication and total reliability.

Balmer-Etienne is one of the leading consultancy firms in Switzerland. Our range of services focuses on three areas of business: Finance, taxes and law. Balmer-Etienne operates as a partnership to guarantee the closest possible proximity to our clients and continuity. As all-rounders, we specialise in finding comprehensive solutions. With this in mind, we combine all our skills under a single roof and provide our services from a single source.

Additional factors behind our success include our strong regional links, our nationwide expertise and our international network. The name Balmer-Etienne stands for people who will work personally to guarantee the quality and sustainability of our client solutions. They are distinguished by their flexibility and understanding of clients’ requirements; they combine the role of analyst and sparring partner.

Werner Pfäffli

Werner Pfäffli

lic. oec. HSG,
Swiss Certified Accountant
+41 41 228 11 11

Companies and entrepreneurs

Balmer-Etienne stands for personal, committed support for companies and their owners. Here, we cultivate a holistic, interdisciplinary approach: We bring together auditors, tax experts, lawyers and trust experts under one roof. Thanks to this focused breadth of knowledge and experience and in conjunction with the high degree of flexibility demonstrated by our staff, we are able to work efficiently towards a solution tailored to your needs.

For medium-sized and larger companies, we are your specialist for:


  • Ordinary audits;
  • Limited audits;
  • Special audits.

Business consulting

  • Company formations, conversions, mergers, company divisions, liquidations and restructuring;
  • Purchase and sale of companies, support with negotiations;
  • Due diligence audits (financial, fiscal and legal);
  • Company valuation.

Tax advice

  • Tax planning and tax optimisation for entrepreneurs and companies;
  • Relocations of companies and private individuals;
  • Value-added tax and customs duty advice, value-added tax fiscal representation;
  • Inter-cantonal/international tax advice, tax compliance.

Legal advice

  • Mergers, business divisions and conversions;
  • Contractual concepts;
  • All aspects of contract and corporate law, in particular, sales, employment and joint stock corporation law;
  • Legal opinions and concepts.

Real estate consulting

  • Valuation;
  • Purchase and sales advice;
  • Legal and tax advice;
  • Property development and advice to property developers.

Despite having specialised in certain areas, we retain an overview even when looking at complex issues, think holistically and, at the same time, intensify our focus on the essentials.

We act as a sparring partner for owner-managed companies. We cover the areas of finance, taxes and law with vision and commitment. In so doing, we attach great importance to focusing constantly on the company and the entrepreneur. Our advice on trusts is guided by this comprehensive focus:

  • Performing accountancy services and preparing annual financial statements;
  • Tax returns, tax optimisation and pension schemes;
  • Value-added tax accounting, fiscal representation at home and abroad;
  • Temporary management, interim employment, external Chief Financial Officer (eCFO);
  • HR and personnel administration, payroll accounting; social security insurance, withholding tax.

Private clients / family office

Andreas Weisshaupt

Iic. iur., MBA Finance,
Certified Financial Planner©
+41 41 228 11 11

Private clients / family office

We take care of you.

You – your needs, your personal situation, your ideas about your future – are the focus of our activities. In face-to-face discussions, we work with you step by step in devising tailor-made solutions for all questions concerning taxes, law, pension schemes and assets. We also provide you with support in dealing with your day-to-day personal tasks so that you can focus on your professional activities.

Our team consists of tax and asset management experts, legal experts, trust and real estate specialists. You benefit here not only from proven expertise and years of experience but also from our global network, particularly with regard to cross-border issues, such as changes of domicile. We work for you personally, with dedication and trust.

Our services comprise the following areas:

  • Tax and social security insurance advice as well as tax optimisation;
  • Financial, pension and estate planning;
  • Marriage and inheritance contracts as well as wills;
  • Execution of wills and estate distributions;
  • Foundation formation, foundation board activities including administration;
  • Legal advice;
  • International relocations, relocations of natural persons;
  • Independent support in discussions with banks;
  • Monitoring of asset allocation, asset strategy, reporting and cost analysis;
  • Trust services (accounting, payment services, securities accounting/consolidated reporting);
  • Family office (e.g. secretarial tasks, organising travel)
  • Real estate management from rental or purchase of a property to its sale;
  • Contacts with doctors, care staff for care at home and care homes;
  • Collective insurance solutions;
  • IT solutions for the home.

Board of Directors and foundation board mandates / management coaching

Stefan Vollenweider

Stephan Vollenweider

Iic. oec. HSG,
Swiss Certified Accountant
+41 41 228 11 11

Board of Directors and foundation board mandates / management coaching

We act strategically for you.

The composition of a Board of Directors is crucial to a company’s long-term development and its succession planning. With our expertise in finance, taxes and law, we can enhance, advise and support a Board of Directors. The same is true of foundation boards and foundations.

Our services comprise the following areas:

  • Acceptance of Board of Directors and foundation board mandates (including on a temporary basis);
  • Coaching of Board of Directors and foundation board members in difficult relationships;
  • Support for executives (CEO, CFO etc.) in periods of upheaval;
  • Temporary and permanent representation of managers.

Public administrations

Alois Köchli

Alois Köchli

Business Economist FH,
Swiss Certified Accountant
+41 41 228 11 11

Public administrations

We find solutions by working together.

Public administration is confronted on a daily basis with the challenge of using its financial resources cost-effectively. Thanks to our specialists, we can offer you comprehensive services from a single source and work with you in developing the optimal solution.

We support and advise on the following areas:

  • Audit work;
  • Independence of institutions and organisations;
  • Advice on accounting;
  • Support with the introduction of internal control systems (ICS etc.);
  • Preparing, supporting and assessing budgets;
  • Project management and coaching (infrastructure, change management).

Non-profit organisations (NPO) / foundations

Erika Wermelinger

Erika Wermelinger-Kurmann

BscBA University of Bern,
Swiss Certified Accountant
+41 41 228 11 11

Non-profit organisations (NPO) / foundations

We offer expert help.

Charitable foundations, associations and other non-profit organisations (NPO) are becoming more and more significant for the public community. NPOs are therefore also confronted more and more frequently with increasing demands. Our long-standing work as auditors and consultants means that we know where there are hurdles and stumbling blocks and how these can be overcome or circumvented.

Our services comprise the following areas:


  • Audits of annual financial statements and special audits;
  • Bookkeeping and accounting (including, in particular, Swiss GAAP FER 21).


  • Accounts, interim and annual financial statements;
  • Personnel administration, payroll accounting, social security insurance;
  • Value-added tax accounting;
  • Interim employment in all areas.

Business consulting

  • Risk management and internal control system (ICS), controlling and management information system;
  • Project management and coaching (infrastructure, change management);
  • Organisational assessment and development;
  • Real estate consulting.

Legal and tax advice

  • Legal advice on all foundation and association-specific issues;
  • Representation and assistance with contacts with the Foundation Supervisory Authority;
  • Advice on general questions relating to tax law and value-added tax law;
  • Advice on questions relating to employment law and social security insurance law.

Pension funds / BVG (statutory occupational pension scheme)

Roland Furger

Roland Furger

lic. oec.,
Swiss Certified Accountant
+41 41 228 11 11

Pension funds / BVG (statutory occupational pension scheme)

We optimise your pension arrangements.

The BVG regulations are becoming increasingly complex. Trust, neutrality, integrity, transparency and technical expertise are of the essence. We can offer all this to a high degree. Auditing and advising pension schemes as well as supporting companies in the area of statutory occupational pension provision (BVG) rank among our core strengths.

We can offer you the following services in the area of pension schemes and BVG:

Pension schemes

  • Auditing pension schemes (company-owned pension schemes and collective foundations), charitable foundations, vested benefits foundations, investment foundations;
  • Assistance with mergers, transfers of assets, partial liquidations;
  • Advice and assistance with planned cancellations or new membership of a collective foundation (autonomy mission);
  • Real estate valuations and support with purchase/sale of properties. Fiscal appraisal of property sales and preparation of property gains tax statements;
  • Introduction and review of internal control system (ICS);
  • Training courses for foundation board members;
  • Provisional administrations.


  • Evaluation of the optimal pension scheme membership through tender and comparison (costs, risks, opportunities, provider) of bids;
  • Risk analysis of the existing pension solution;
  • Optimisation and adjustment of pension plans and pension structure.

Owner – employees

  • Pension and tax planning for private individuals;
  • Pension planning (annuity or capital, asset planning, family office);
  • Planning asset investment after lump sum withdrawal;
  • Tax planning in connection with succession arrangements or material changes in assets.
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